13 thoughts on “8

  1. Oh thank you!! I have been transfixed by this version for a little over a year now and my husband and I listen to this regularly. I want to feel my faith so deep! This singing, the ancient words of God, stir in me that which is eternal. So glad you put this here and that others can experience its power.

  2. Looking out into the vast expanse, all in order to be seeking a way in. All of it, in three small haiku lines. We wonder, we gaze, we seek, but all of it happens inside ourselves. This corner bit of the cosmos that somehow has insanely been able to become aware of itself. I have put a lot of words in this comment, but in reality, I don’t have any words that suffice. Is there a season word in this haiku? Should there be, given that the seasons are superflous in the expanse and perhaps in the spirit, this world of spirits perhaps just the thin layering between the two. ok, time for me to shut up and just read it again. thank you.

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