5. First week of December, trace
It snowed again.
The low walls of the garden
and high beds of the farm
barely varnished with white.

6: Early December, no accumulation
The weatherman calls it a trace.
But what it is
is tiny beads of snow
that you can hold in your hand
and count
before it melts

7: Hanukkah, half inch
The snow
down before dawn,
crystallizing the world.

8: Solstice, trace
After the freezing downpour
and before the icy drizzle,
it snowed.
Just barely,
laying a thin white path
through the frozen garden.

9. December 29, overnight, one inch
Late in the month
it snowed again, finally.

Starting midday
as a furious weightless flurry
stinging the face
but never quite reaching the ground.

By morning, there was just enough
to lacquer the trees
and the tops of the walls.
Just enough to wake up and say,
oh, it snowed.

10. December 29, late afternoon, no accumulation
Here and gone
just a few moments
snow shower
as the day greys into night

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