11. New Year’s Day, overnight, less than an inch
Two brass swans gliding
on the thin layer of snow
that fell overnight

12. Mid-January, daytime, 4”
It started snowing just before lunch
in drifts so fine
it looked like fog.
As the day progressed
it turned into a snowstorm
inching down from the sky
and up through the grass
and whitening the rooftops

Breaking the reverie
I turned to cleaning,
mesmerized by reflections
emerging from each frame
as I swiped a cloth
through the Windex
back and forth back and forth
every pane a mirror

By mid-afternoon
the streets were white
even the twin tracks left by cars
still pristine
as snow piled on snow.
It deepened into an evening
of silent white
as the day progressed.

13 and 14: Martin Luther King Weekend, 8”
1. Friday night
Snow started in the dark
and I wanted to stay
and watch it fill the world
under the yellow streetlights

2. Saturday, dawn
Early in the day
I woke
to roads white and lawns smooth
except for the tracks of a cat, going
to the house next door.

3. Saturday, Mid morning
I watched drifts as they formed
if the snow in the air
was falling
or blowing

4. Saturday, evening
I shoveled the drive and the walk
and a path for the mail
up to my stoop

5. Sunday, dawn
Another three inches
fell overnight
and we woke to a world
of blue sky
shining sun
and blinding white

15: Martin Luther King Day, 2”
I woke up late
to a world of white;
the storm wasn’t done yet.
It snowed overnight.

16. Mid January, wintry mix
It snowed last night
It snowed last night
The sky bears had a pillow fight
They tore up all the pillows white
and covered everything in sight

But first it rained
then turned to ice
The ice bears made it slip and slice
The sky bears thought it should snow twice
The rain bears thought it wasn’t nice

The snow bear had a frozen nose
The rain bear warmed her frozen toes
The ice bear said she plain ole froze.

in the freezy snowy rainy blowy ice bear rain bear snow bear

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