17. Late January, 1 inch
Now and then
Flurries start
then stop again
When it snows several times
in just one day
then how can you really say
Whether it’s one snowstorm
or ten?

18. Late January, next day, ½ inch
On a day cold enough
to crack glass
you don’t expect snow

but there it was
in the negative wind chill
in the windless cold

19. Late January, next day, 4”
There needs to be a word
for the tiny needle sharp flakes
that fall like they’re weighted
on days of bitter cold.

And a word for the ones
that clump together like clay
before they splash to earth
like heavy wet carpets

There needs to be a word
for the flakes that drift
as light as air
but pile up knee deep
and for the same ones
that float to earth
then melt everywhere
except the shady corners

There needs to be a word
for blizzard flakes
that fall so fast
and lay so deep
and fill the world so quickly
that you stand in the window.

20. Late January, 2 days later, 10”
are indistinguishable
from infinity.

21. Late January, next day, ½”
It snowed just enough
to cover the piles
of dirty plowed snow
with a layer of perfect white fluff

22. Late January, 8th day in a row, 2”
I waited for a day
and then another,
and then a third,

to try to write about this snowfall,
snow on snow
that looked so light,
as though a sparrow’s breath
could disturb it

so white that it was blue
in the morning glow.
I could not find words
to describe the wonder of it.

And while I waited
it melted away
in the mid-winter thaw

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