Did Dinah love the wrong man
Or was she raped
And paid the price

Not free to wander or give her love where she would,
wrapped about in custom and restriction
Did Dinah love the wrong man

who saw her, took her, and lay with her
Wrapping her in impulse and desire
And paid the price

the men were grieved, and they were very wroth
a city ruined because
Dinah loved the wrong man

And sought protection
we will  take our daughter,
And paid the price

Eternal opprobrium
A woman robbed of agency, exiled from her own story
Did Dinah love the wrong man
And paid the price?

NaPoWriMo Day 5
prompt: (1) the villanelle form, (2) lines taken from an outside text, and/or (3) phrases that oppose each other in some way

5 thoughts on “My body my choice

  1. I like your take on the villanelle! I think it still counts as a villanelle even if you change the wording a bit per line? I’ve seen that done before.

    I’m not familiar enough with biblical stories to appreciate this as much as it deserves, I’m afraid, but I certainly do appreciate the structure and imagery.

  2. Great to read the story after reading your poem. I was intrigued, and had the feeling I was missing part of the meaning of the poem. It’s amazing how you worked that into a villanelle!

  3. The Bible tells gritty life stories about real people…Dinah was raped and avenged. The Bible doesn’t condone those sins (nor the evil practice of abortion). Read Psalm 139 and see how special we are to God!

  4. You’re missing the entire point of the poem, which is that it’s Dinah’s body to use as she sees fit. She exercised sexual autonomy and her own men decided it was rape, because they didn’t approve. Plus, it’s her body, not theirs to “avenge”

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