When I was a princess in Egypt
There was always water
And someone to carry it for me
from the blue Nile
hider of boats and princes

When Pharaoh my father
sent me into the desert to be the barbarian’s wife
All I could think of was water
and the servants that would fetch it
as I now fetch it for strangers

Pharoah’s wives were my mothers
But the barbarians resent the new wives.
They forced me into his bed to conceive the child
the gods had denied her.
And then whipped me.

So I fled, seeking the blue Nile across the golden desert.

In the desert there are visions
of water, angels, and gods
The angels will tell you what you want to hear.

And as I ran between the fountains
The angel told me to return to the barbarians
for the sake of the child in my belly for I am
Mother of nations.

Sarai‘s story, and the artwork that this poem was written for is here

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