Women leak from every orifice
Tears sweat cum milk blood spit
We never think that much about the mess.
We irrigate the world then clean it

With paper, pad, or tissue or a cloth
We wipe our sorrow and our joy
On children, lovers, self, we drown each loss
Or happiness, and just watch days go by

Because our liquid state is who we are.
We leak, we wipe it up, and then move on
Past your disgusted face, we roll our eyes
’cause women leak, and stain, then wash it up

You think superior your clean male lives
But without these leaky women, dust.

8 thoughts on “Women leak

  1. Wow! This is just an amazing post. Without women….there would be??????
    PS: I’m not seeing a Tag or link back to dVerse? Could you add one please so others can find our site?
    So glad to see you here for OLN….hope to see you on Mondays and Tuesdays as well when we have some great prompts that are quite unique to devise (http://dversepoets.com)

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