The white bookcase has been in my room
since I was a little girl.
The desk was my mother’s,
the only piece left of a full bedroom suite
of what we now call “Mid century modern.”
With two Hitchcock side chairs and the upholstered one
it’s all that is left from our house in Pennsylvania.
We bought the tall bookcases in ‘69
when we moved to Illinois-
the first Danish modern to reach that town.
And the side tables too?
But the dining table must have been
my father’s. My mother had a solid walnut set.
We sold it when she died,
because Bill had a heavy particle board one
that we inexplicably preferred
to solid walnut.
The dining chairs were a wedding gift
to match the Hitchcock side chairs.

You wonder why I always suggest
that you keep the bits and pieces
of your childhood. It’s because
it tells you where you came from,
and how you got here.

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