Flashes of movement
There’s a flock of hummingbirds
Dancing in the rain

The heavy rain has kept everyone except the birds inside all day. The briefest windows of sun give just enough time for the swales to drain before the skies open up again. I went for a walk in one of the windows, and stopped to talk to a neighbor. Ten minutes later the clouds moved back in so I scurried home thinking to miss the rain.

When the skies opened
I walked into a cloudburst
As wet as the birds

There’s something irresistible about a summer shower, pounding down through the warm air, plastering your shirt to your skin, hair streaming down your face, while you laugh like a mad thing.

6 thoughts on “Summer rain

  1. A flock of hummingbirds dancing the rain, now that’s something you don’t see every day. How marvelous and magical. Running in summer rain is pure joy. I very much enjoyed reading your haibun.

  2. “I went for a walk in one of the windows.” I enjoyed that line, layers of meaning, between rainfalls, or looking out on the world, but not through the window, but living in the window, walking in it, engaging, feeling what you see there. A quiet call to engagement with nature, and it is not all convenient, but still feel a release by being able to be wet as one of the birds. I love this write.

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