1. Rain

A juvenile robin
With freckles on her breast
Sits by herself
On my garden wall
Wondering what’s best—
Learning to fly from the nest’s high shelf
Or digging for worms again
Or just sitting right here
On the garden wall
In the gentle rain

2. Perspective

With pictures of Irish beauties
And small white children
Screaming in lawn sprinklers
Words praising with bland wonderment
the fetishizing of spattered dots
on fair pale skin
As though they owned them
Like they own everything else.
But your Black face has freckles too.

For the dverse.com Quadrille prompt (using the word “freckle”) 7/29/19

6 thoughts on “Freckles

  1. Both are wonderful. I like the indecisive, young bird in the first and definitely the unexpected layer of depth at the end of the second. Thanks for joining in with the prompt. 🙂

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