Mary walked into the garden, golden
In the morning sun. I gave her sweet tea
She bowed her head and I touched her shoulder
When she lifted her face to smile at me
It so felt like a gift she gave, for free.

I’ll give a welcome, sweet tea, and a smile
To all who sit in my garden, to while
Away the morning before the day’s care
I offer my guests soft words and no guile.
It might be an angel who joins me there.

for Frank Hubeny’s dizain prompt at Dverse

9 thoughts on “Welcome the stranger

  1. A lovely moment to share; nice use of the form. In the first stanza, golden & shoulder are bit of a reach for rhyme, but the poem works fine. Here’s hoping an angel shows up soon.

  2. From the first line, your garden is full of light – as is the poem.
    Second-last line is a syllable short. Could you say ‘my guests’? That would fix it. And the use of ‘so’ in 5th line seems a lazy way to reach your syllable count there. Could you re-think? (After working hard on a poem, sometimes it needs a little distance to see what might improve it, so maybe wait a day or two.)

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