Another day another shooting
Another “thoughts and prayers”
Another child sitting in his mother’s blood,
With a thousand mile stare.
Another politician shaking his head
And tweeting in fake despair
How can it still not be clear to him:
It’s the guns, it’s the guns it’s the goddamned guns
As if we really care.

7 thoughts on “Third shooting this week

    • Do we? I don’t see any Republicans (80% support for most common sense gun control) ringing their reps phones off the hook.

  1. So true.
    I live in NYC, so I’m preaching to the converted, but I just contacted my senators and representative again. About guns. About the environment. About refugees. I can’t vote in Idaho.

  2. One of my old teachers told me something once: “People do what they want to do and they don’t do what they don’t want to do.” I believe it is true. If we really wanted to put an end to gun violence, we’d do it.

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