I started here
On a frozen night
That I don’t remember
(I was only baby, after all)
Later I moved here
And walked in the woods
According to the photographs
When I was four
We moved here
And I started school
Living in an apartment here
Then here
And then in a house, here.

In high school we moved here
And then built a house
Here in the same town
I went to college here, too,
And moved here after graduating.
We bought a house here
And lived there 30 years,
Until I moved here.

See the drawing set “100 Ways of Looking for Here” here.

In response to the Dverse prompt of 8/14/19, inspired by the poem Migratory Birds by Desanka Maksimović

8 thoughts on “Here

  1. I enjoyed the read Xan. For m, this is a fine perspective on the concept of “be here now” — no whatever what. Makes no difference where you might go, once you get there — it is always your here that you personally experience in realtime..

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