I like to cook on Sundays
Waking up in the early light
I make coffee and check the larder
Flour salt butter eggs spices
To make sure I won’t run out
It’s too stormy to walk to the store

But I have plenty stored
Enough for bread, soup, dessert for Sunday dinner,
starting with a sweet light
zucchini bread from the garden, my living larder
With cinnamon and cardamom spices
Generously measured out

I pull the ingredients from the larder
Listening to the rainy Sunday
First the quick bread- measure out
The shredded vegetable, oil, egg, spices
In one bowl, then mix in flour salt leavening. Store
It for ten minutes, while the oven lights.

While waiting for the bread to come out
I work on the stove top with the next of my stores-
A rich minestrone, with more from the garden’s larder
Again zucchini, plus tomato, pepper, beans, no spice,
But herbs, for a thick stew to spoon out
For a rainy Sunday

Minestrone needs bread sticks dipped in pulled out
At once crunchy and sodden, better than store-bought
I mix the next ingredients from the larder-
Flour, salt, whey, yeast, no spice
Bread sticks should be bland for the Sunday
Stew, eaten in the rainy light

While the bread sticks rise, I go back to the larder
For dessert- peach cream tart, with sweet spices
Like cinnamon. First the crust- flour and butter, beaten lightly
So it’s flaky, not tough, then from the cold storage
Peaches, cream, gelatin whipped and poured out
Into the crust for dessert this rainy Sunday

My stores and larder empty
I sit and watch out the window the gloomy light
Ready for Sunday dinner.

Form: Sestina, for the dverse prompt of 8/15/19 And, yes, I really did this.

8 thoughts on “Cooking on a rainy Sunday

  1. This is a fun use of the form, Xan, and like Rob, now I’m hungry but it’s a bit too early for lunch. I like how you created such atmosphere by weaving in that moody Sunday storm. That seemed to make it so well-rounded. Glad you brought this to us.

    • Thanks Victoria! This was a really tough one, but I like the challenge of the long form, and the need to fit the words into the rules, without forcing them.

  2. What an original way to use this form and it certainly creates an effect! Food poems should be scrumptious and yours certainly makes me want to go to the larder and create perhaps a Sestina lasagna!

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