You could reconstruct my life
From the things I’ve retained
A toy and some books
Some jewelry some art
A childhood game.
Some things I have kept
And some have kept me
A ring from my mother
A gift from my ex
An unknown key
That I can’t throw away
Because I just may
Find the lock that it fitted
Full of treasure or memory
One of these days.
I see them through eyes
Through the years, as I changed
From child to student
To woman to crone
Am I who I am,
Or just what I’ve owned?

From the dverse prompt of 8/20/19

5 thoughts on “Kept

  1. Well, I for one am a strong proponent for letting things be inanimate things, nothing by which to define you or over which to relinquish control. I’ve thought about this too but am firm in that if one were to come to my home without me there, that that one would learn very little about me by the random amalgam of stuff found (or not found.) It’s all about how we are with each other, and with ourselves.

  2. Interesting and engaging direction you’ve taken with your perspective on Amaya’s smoke & mirrors prompt Xan well written. Our stuff speaks to who we are at that time. We are always in flux around our core vision.

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