I always ask
Myself at least
If you love me
Or if you just tolerate me
Or if you tolerate me
Because you love me
Or feel that because you love me
You have to tolerate me
Or that because you tolerate me
It means that you love me

The cat, on the other hand
Loves me and tolerates me
In equal measure
Unambiguously ambiguous
Both dependent and independent
Tolerating and intolerant
And accepting my love
As her due

For the dverse prompt of 8/27/19
Full disclosure: I don’t have a cat anymore

4 thoughts on “Imposter Syndrome

  1. It’s true, at least about the cat. You know exactly where you stand with them. Especially when they are lying on their back flipping back and forth and meowing so cutely, you know they are putting on the cute act for treats — and they know you know.

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