Between Lammas, Lughnasadha, the Loaf Mass, when the first wheat harvest is sent to the mill, and the abundance of the garden becomes almost oppressive as the goddess is at her most ascendant, and Michaelmas near the end of September, the fall Equinox, when you plant the bulbs and winter cover crops, and the Michaelmas daisies (chrysanthemums) bloom, marking the Archangel’s triumph of the Light over the Dark, just as the days get short and the nights long comes our fake holiday, Labor Day, moved here from the workers day that is May 1st in the rest of the world, disconnected by the conservative U.S., from the needs (as opposed to the romance) of actual workers.

Fall’s first day
Celebrate workers
Have a picnic

Labor Day, celebrated in the middle of the harvest, wasn’t moved there from May Day to honor the farmers at the heart of our mythos, but it’s appropriate all the same. The ancient holidays have an inescapable wisdom.

The cry will still ring
Workers of the world unite!
Union makes us strong.

For dverse Haibun Monday, 9/2/19.
Adapted from the essay PLANTED at Not Dabbling in Normal

#2 in 30 Poems for September

3 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. I do think that when you reach a balance between unions and employer you do not have to have so many legislation… In Sweden we do not have minimum wages for instance, all employers need to have an agreement with the union or at least follow the salaries set in such agreements.

    • Only 13% of the U.S. working population is unionized, down from a high of 30%. Without legislation and regulation workers in this country are screwed. full stop. We’re not Sweden.

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