When I was young
I used to wait
for the children to sleep
So I could do
What? Eat a candy bar
Make love to my husband
Drive the car to the store

Then I waited for them
to start school
So I could go back to work
So my husband could be a musician
Full time
And I waited for him
To have that career
So I could go back to making art
And year after year
While I waited
The children grew up
And my husband got tired
Of waiting

And left.

#17 in 30 Poems for September
Adapted from an essay in PLANTED, a memoire about life changing
in response to the dverse prompt of 9/16/19

11 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. This is well written Xan . A fascinating form of waiting. Waiting on life to evolve. There is both joy and sorrow in that waiting. Well expressed here.

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