Seng Lim is an ocean
Deep and shallow still and moving
With shores that stretch beyond sight
And fingers that reach up the strand
And retreat
Back to deep
To the hidden large and constant universe

Nga is a sea of tall grass
With roots tangled anchored
To the earth
And stems that stretch for the golden sun
And wave and reach for air
They hide the small and private things of the earth
with sound and movement and mystery

Wei is the night sky
Far and sparkling faint lights reaching down
Bright as pain at the source
Soft as mystery to the eye
There is no end
There is no start
Deep beyond imagining and twinkling patterns
Moving across life

Xan is the deep black soil
Holding roots rain living things
Nurturer and shroud
Feeding crumbling flowing
Waiting for the sun
Welcoming the shadow
Wrapped around rocks, grass’s anchor
Ocean’s edge
As far from the night sky as dreams

Elle is the new day
sun dawn bright sky
shaking the dew
from the soil
blessing the tall grass
greeting the night sky with a laugh
and the ocean with a kiss

These are about my family

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