If I could trap a moment
Which moment would it be
And how I would I preserve it
For all the world to see

If it were trapped in amber
I’d catch it like a fly
That had to taste the sticky sweet
Not knowing it would die

Preserving for the future
That moment of its greed
Still thinking it could fly away
If ever it were free’d.

Or maybe in a photograph
that traps the very light
but static as the amber’d bug
and as proscribed from flight

a moment trapped mid-movement
or with a frozen smile
that never dims yet hides away
in some forgotten file

Or could I fossilize it,
Set it in hard stone
Every moment that I want
Preserved like ancient bone

Lasting through all ages
Far beyond my time
Would some unknown future me
Still see it, then, as mine?

Inspired by the dverse word prompt of “set” but it sort of developed a mind of its own and wanted to channel Emily Dickenson instead of being a quadrille.


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