I’m in fall garden prep mode, and today was devoted to the rats, which have decided to set up housekeeping in one of my raised beds. I cleared the alley fence of weeds to remove the overgrowth that they like to hide in. Pest control thinks the alley fence is where they’re coming into the yard, but I don’t see any egresses dug out. I think they found a cozy spot inside the yard and they’re just hunkered down.

Oh, for a trap a trap a trap
Or a piper pied or otherwise
To get rid of the rats

I pulled 25 feet of weeds, filling an entire 50-gallon dumpster, wrenching my injured shoulder. Then I then planted peppermint in the alley–a little late this year, but next year I’ll paper it with the stuff, which will spread. Supposedly rats hate it. I was going to remove the soil this year, but I’m afraid of simply shifting the residents to a different bed, rather than getting rid of them, so I’ll wait until spring to remove the bed that they’ve nested in, more than a cubic yard of soil that I’ve built up over five years, since it’s full of poison and rat droppings. Here’s hoping a cold winter kills them.

A gorgeous fall day
I spent it plotting rat deaths
And enjoying the sun

for Haibun Monday at dverse, off topic (indigenous people), but on form. Written from my home on Oceti Sakowin land.

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