An empty house is full
of noises filling silent spaces
the breathing of appliances
the ticking of competing clocks
the sounds outside seeping in,
murmuring just below thought
as you drift to sleep.
A sharp noise wakes you with a start.
Heart pounding you listen to the silent rooms,
cataloguing sounds in search of one
that doesn’t belong, wondering
what dragged you from deep slumber.
Was it dream or real, and which
Should you be more worried about?

for the dverse Poetics prompt of 10/22/19, based on lines from Neruda

9 thoughts on “What can you call a bell that will ring in your dreams?

  1. I like the ultimate question you have posed here – having filled the silent rooms with noises – there is the bell that wakes us from dreams – what is it indeed?
    Thank you for joining in especially apt it seems to have Neruda’s questioning as prompt

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