My knee is aching, again,
The ache a constant background noise
Noisier today than yesterday
and achier too
If that’s a word.
Wordless discomfort sort of a default
Sorting through each pain
And remembering painless youth
And youthful dismissal
Of the aches of the aged.
Aging is great for the mind
Grating for the body;
rivaling our worst anticipation
arrival even worse
than we thought it would be.

second of two for the dverse prompt of 10/24/19: “Polyptotons”

15 thoughts on “Injuring my knee, again

    • There were fewer when I started, and then I started to like the cascading effect of the play on the end of each line, to build the next thought. Probably a name for that form as well.

  1. The polyptotons and repetition in your poem emphasise the knee pain to the point that I can feel it! I think pain can be noisy, my should and upper arm definitely grumble and groan!

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