The city night is never truly dark
There are no pinprick stars
sparkling in the black ocean of space
to salt the glowing sky.
Awake in the darkest hour
of the night you still can trace
your path and see your hand
Before your face.
Sunlight yields to streetlights
No ghostly shapes of furniture
No stubbed toes
Interrupt midnight wandering
the nighttime house
No black, no dark, just a different sort of day

for the dverse prompt of 11/6/19, on “black”

7 thoughts on “Night

  1. “no pinprick stars… … to salt the glowing sky” is fitting. Looking at the night sky while in the wilderness, you realize that even a small town has light pollution.

  2. One has to drive far from a city on a stormy night to find absolute black. It’s a rarity in our modern lives.

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