The house is full of our things still
Though they’ve been mine
For many years
Things we brought together
Things we bought together
when we were together
I learned when you left
That you were more clear
What was yours and what was mine
And that things that were ours
Were mostly just mine
And that other things that I thought were ours
Had a very clear ownership of yours
I found it wrenching to give up your things
Things that clearly belonged to you
But had become not mine but ours
Through time and use and osmosis
For you dividing things was a chore,
a task to be completed and checked off.
For me it was not a checkmark
barely a decision:
It was surgery.
And when you got married
And didn’t need those things anymore
It never occurred to you
That I might want them back.

another take on the dverse prompt of 11/7/19 on perspectives

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