Can one plant lilacs in the winter grey
Under dismal skies that threaten snow?
Stamping feet this late November day
My garden boots not keeping out the cold
I dig as though it’s still high summertime,
and this bare bush a leafy crown
If I do not plant it, it will die
Yet just as like to die in this cold ground.
But each thin branch still tipped with tiny buds
By chance or season’s changing course untrimm’d;
Starting as unconquered life it stands
My freezing hands pack freezing soil in
So long as lilacs bloom each early spring
So I will give each plant its chance to sing

For the dverse prompt of 11/21/19, “Imitation,” in which I shamelessly imitate, not to say plagiarize, Sonnet #18. See if you can spot the line copied almost verbatim from the original.

14 thoughts on “Planting a lilac bush in winter

  1. I always promise myself I’ll really do a true Shakespearean sonnet, and I always peter out in the name of “free verse.” Thanks for the prompt that forced my hand, Frank!

    • You win the Shakespeare scholar award! No one on my FB page spotted it! (even with the giant clue of the ‘ replacing the e in untrimm’d)

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