Well I’m back he said, from the hero’s wings,
the ship of the dead, the towers of kings
From fantastic tales of sparkling gods
From the pain that comes with beating the odds
To garden and wife and children’s laughter
To the daily life that happens after
the journey’s end and the deprivations
the deaths, the losses, the fall of nations
If I can’t come back after towers fall
Then the heroes have saved nothing at all.

from the dverse prompt of 1/15/20, “last lines.” The first 5 words are the last line of The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien. Thoughts on the prompt in the first comment.

10 thoughts on “Sam

  1. While writing this, it occurred to me the impossible hubris of writing about a last line. This is one of my favorites and sprang immediately to mind when seeing the prompt. But in writing it I realized that everything that needed to be said had been said. That’s why this line is the last. I like my poem, but frankly the line itself encompasses all that. I said something that didn’t need to be said.

    Perhaps I took the prompt too literally.

  2. This is audibly delicious in rhythm and rhyme. So smooth and yes, this needed to be said….every poet has their own language. I enjoyed yours.

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