10 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. “Just the voice of her lover
    taking her down.”

    This is powerful and saddening. I too believe the narrative that the relationship in the myth is just downright abusive. You have this beautiful young girl kidnapped by her uncle, placed into this Stockholm Syndrome relationship with him, and she has to stay with him six months out of the year, while her mother grieves her absence.

    Sorry for the rant, the myth was a weird one to read and absorb; and the prompt brought back up those feelings with how I feel about it again lol.

    I love this piece here, it packs a punch and it carries that hopeless reminder of how trapped this woman is. It sadly also delineates abusive relationships too, and that is very realistic. You generally don’t see the warning signs until it’s way too late and it’s harder to leave.

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