The first thing that happened,
I microwaved the milk as usual
so it wouldn’t cool down my morning coffee,
but when I went to pour it into the pot
if fell in as a solid chunk because
it had turned, so I picked up the still wet paper filter
to empty and make a new pot
but I grabbed it badly and left a trail
of wet grounds across the counter
and the floor,
but I still had no milk and it’s too cold
to go to the store, plus I want my coffee now,
so I used Bailey’s.

At least we still have coffee.

in response to the dverse prompt of 2/13/20, on Michael Sim’s
end of civilization” rules (which I broke, but close enough),
and really more trouble than you want your coffee to be.

5 thoughts on “How to recognize the end of civilization

    • It’s one of the things that’s extremely susceptible to climate change because it only grows in really fragile and threatened habitats.

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