A bearded iris
In delicate coral pink
Glows in the twilight

After a rainstorm
the flowers glow like neon
against the dark soil

White iris blooming
in the cool post-storm morning
should have brought me joy

One dark red tulip
sitting in a sea of green
waiting for summer

This morning’s rose bud:
A flower in a flower
Waits for warmth to bloom

When a tulip “breaks”
The petals develop streaks
Broken is lovely.

A late spring snow storm
covered new flowers in white
I shrug and put on boots

reposted from 100 Haiku, and ping backed to dverse Poetics of 2/19/20: flowers

7 thoughts on “A haiku set: flowers

  1. You’ve captured the beauty and the tenuous circumstances of those first spring flowers so well here. I didn’t realize you lived in Chicago. Stop sending us all of that cold weather!

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