A woolen coat of deepest red
from Maggie’s closet hung
unused unworn unsaid
I passed it on to Chris, the red
A blessing on Maggie’s passing
Another swings from the hanger, a woolen cape in black
Once swinging from my mother’s back
Lynn’s shawl like her life, shed
They come to me, the coats of the dead

for the dverse prompt of 2/27: triolet. The ghost coats have been asking for a poem for a while.

8 thoughts on “Ghost coats

  1. I love the idea of ghost coats! Have you read the novel The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore? I like that you named the colours and the different owners of the items.

    • I didn’t even include all of them (there are two more) because I was trying to stick to “almost a triolet”. And given all the ghosts in this house, that novel sounds very creepy!

  2. “A blessing on Maggie’s passing”

    I remember donating my late husband’s to charity. I oft wondered of the lives of the recipients. This poignant triolet reminds me of that.

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