I don’t like apples.
Just thinking about biting into one
Sets my teeth on edge.
Just when you think
it’s going to be sweet
the sour comes through,
puckering your lips
and filling your mouth with spit.
The tough bitter skin
at war with the crisp fruit.
Cook my apples, please.
Pie, or sauce, or savory tart.
But don’t hand me one to bite.
I don’t like apples.

for the dverse prompt of 3/3/20: apples. Don’t @ me

12 thoughts on “Unpopular opinions

  1. I can sympathise, Xan. There was a time when I couldn’t eat uncooked apples for the same reason, but I discovered a variety called Royal Gala and I’ve been eating them since.

  2. I’ve never known anyone who didn’t like juicy, crisp, sweet apples! Good to know you like them cooked, however.

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