For I will consider my belly fat
For it is the manifestation of the living goddess
For the living goddess likes to bake
For the living goddess also likes Snickers bars
For I have born two children
For I have taught them also to bake
For I have therefore settled my debt to society
For one of these offspring have stated that mothers should be squishy
For children and grandchildren require squishiness
For I don’t care what I look like from behind in jeans, much less yoga pants
For I cannot see myself from behind
For I no longer contort myself in mirrors to check
For I am the manifestation of the Goddess
For the goddess is also squishy
For the goddess has blessed cake, baking, and belly fat
For though it anchors me to the earth
For though it shakes when I run
For though I don’t run anymore
For I can bake
For I can give squishy hugs
For I can celebrate life
For I can shop in the plus sizes
For I can do so without shame
For I am the living goddess

For the dverse prompt of 3/10/20: taboo, with apologies to Christopher Smart and Jeoffry

7 thoughts on “Jubilate Oleo

  1. What a beautiful thought to have settled one’s debt to society by teaching the next generation to bake. You make it sound so simple. And nothing wrong with a squishy hug and the peace that comes with the acceptance of one’s squishy hugs.

  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ I love your glorious proclamation. A warm squishy hug beats a skeletal hug ANY day! Your poem reminds me of part of "The Witches of Eastwick" movie, where one of the women is making small "rounded woman" fetishes to sell in the beginning of the film, but when she is liberated, she makes them room-sized. Wonderful Poem, Alexandra.

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