We went for a shoreline walk but the beach
is gone. The sand pushed into the park, the rest
lost under the waves. We left without speech.

The waves, relentless, pounding on
the iceless shore, warm winter betraying our inland sea
And leaving no beach to walk upon.

Second attempt, closer to the dverse prompt of 3/17/20: tercets (specified rhyme scheme)

19 thoughts on “Climate change comes to Chicago

  1. Excellent, Alexandra. “the iceless shore, warm winter betraying our inland sea” is a wonderful turn of phrase. water levels here are off the charts. so disturbing to think of the beach being gone along chicago’s shore 😦

    • It’s not even so much that it’s gone, as that it’s been pushed up over the narrow strip of park beyond the beach. Just bizarre. Everything’s just bizarre right now.

      • You probably don’t know this, but every year along the coast of MI the sand blows east, away from the lake and inland, and every year large machinery carries it back. That is interesting it is happening in Chicago, as that means the wind has shifted to the west 😦 Your machinery will have to move it back. I’m not sure what is more concerning, the high water or the winds changing directions…

        • It’s actually only partially the wind. What happened was there was no ice berm at the shore line this year protecting the beaches, so the higher lake levels pushed some sand 30 and 40 feet up into the park, and then just covered what was left. It’s absolutely the most apocalyptic thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. Bravo you nailed it this time! and this is a very illustrative line: “the iceless shore, warm winter betraying our inland sea”

    thanks for joining in with the prompt and making such good use of the rhyme sets

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