Orzo and Chickpeas with Turmeric Broth
Cannellini and Kale in Spicy Sauce
Easy Polenta, Puttanesca
French Rolled Omelet with herbs, fresca
Mixed Pantry Pan Roast, Egg Fried Rice
Basque Garlic Soup, that sounds nice
Pasta with Cauliflower and Crispy Capers
Cuban-Style Black Beans for extra flavor
Bean and Ham Stew, Classic Beef Chili
A sandwich, cheese, nice and grilly
I went and stocked up but can I just say
That I hate cooking every day

All of these recipes can be found at Food&Wine.com
for the dverse prompt of 3/26/20: couplets, and my request for prompts
from friends on Facebook: First or last lines.
Plague Series #10

20 thoughts on “Full pantry

  1. One wonders how long it will take the non-cookers to use up all the groceries they’ve been stockpiling as they empty the shelves! I take it these were all TV dinners you were enumerating?! Nevertheless, you have us all drooling!

    • No– they’re real recipes from a “what’s in the pantry” post on Food&Wine–see the link in the small text. And yes, I’m very angry at all the people who think they’re going to bake bread, who bought up all the yeast, which is now just going to go bad on their shelves.

  2. We’re vegetarian and my husband tells me that he has seen vegetarian products such as soy mince and quorn sausages, as well as fruit and veg in the supermarkets around here. We’re also lucky to have a farm shop nearby that sells local produce, It’s the dried foods, like rice and pasta, and tinned stuff that have disappeared off the shelves.

    • While everyone is complaining about empty shelves, I’m just shopping in the vegan section lol. (And several of those recipes are either vegetarian, straight up vegan, or can be easily adapted)

  3. I’m just the opposite…cooking relaxes me. My daughters and I spend part of our phone call every night discussing what we made that day, or what we plan to make soon. And hoping to get back to our Sunday night dinners cooking together. (K)

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