Watching the light change through the day
Emerging from the dark before the sun
Til pre-rise sky the palest silver-grey
Becomes pink dawn
And as the earth turns toward the sun
Its light turns gold then yellow then white
I have to close the blinds again
To briefly shield my face from searing light
Towards noon the white light flattens
No longer beaming but seeping in
Filling all the corners and creating
A lull so I forget the time
Until I see it’s dark again and realize day
Has slowly, subtly, silently faded away

NaPoWriMo 2020 #10
Posted for the dVerse Open Link Night of 4/16/20

5 thoughts on “Watching the light

  1. For me…..this reminds me that we are so much inside our homes now because of the many “stay at home” suggestions that we simply watch through the window as the day turns to night….and we pay more attention to the light seeping in and the shadows it affords. I like your descriptive detail here.

    • That’s exactly where this came from. Just sitting here watching the sun stream through the window as my work just dries up. I figure I have about 2 months more before my clients go bust, but that sun’s gonna keep being pretty!

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