In early morning twilight sleep
Dawn just barely peeking around the curtains
And wakefulness delightfully elusive
I felt the cat bump my forehead
Then climb onto my shoulder
Settling down in sleepy weight
I smiled in my half-sleep
Then puzzled myself fully awake
Because, in fact,
I don’t actually have a cat.

NaPoWriMo #16
and linked to the dVerse poetics prompt of 4/21/20: pets

13 thoughts on “Intruder

  1. Oh, WOW! Maybe a cat from your past visited you from the spirit world. I long for such a visit from my wild wolf. The morning after he died, I felt his snout on the edge of the bed and heard his whuff, as he woke me every morning of our life together – right around the time he was being cremated, as it happens. Rivers of tears when I came fully awake and realized it was him.

  2. Pets become family. Losing our last two really jolted us. We’ve been petless for several years now.We see them only in our dreams.

  3. Made me smile. I used to know a poet who wrote a whole chapbook about her imaginary cay- wish I remembered her name. It was nice to be reminded of her. If itt were my experience- I’d check out the symbolic meanings surrounding cats. They certainly have their own mystique.

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