The silence in my house is so profound
Absorbing each intruding noise, as effortless
the silence resists all sound
My very scream is voiceless
The silence is so desiccated, dry
Absorbing noise as though it were a sponge
That sucks the sound from out the very air
As though it happened in some dream from where
The sound is gone

The heavy silence pressing on your ears
you wake straining past the nightmare fears
Wondering from behind your silent door
What was the silence like, before?

Plague series #27
and for the dverse prompt of 5/7/20: a fourteen line poem (haha nope)
and also the prompt of 5/6/20: solitude

5 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Very nice. An ominous view of silence coming from “nightmare fears”. I like your description of a scream as voiceless and the wonder in the last line about what it was like before.

  2. The silence of now has definitely taken an ominous aspect, which you capture so well here. It’s like a black hole for sound, which is an apt comparison.

  3. This poem is intense, Xan, and the build-up of silence nicely done, especially the repetition of the words ‘absorbing’ and ‘silence’. The final question is more than pertinent, and I don’t know the answer! I especially like the idea of silence being desiccated.

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