George Quintonio Ahmaud Laquan
Our nation’s crime is lynching
Say their names

Rekia Paul Raye Brian Kajuan
It is not the creature of an hour
Say their names

Cedrick LaTanya Chiquita Breonna
cool, calculating deliberation of intelligent people
Say their names

Justin James Michael Eric Sean
A national crime and requires a national remedy
Say their names

Tamir Botham Sandra Trayvon
The cowardly lyncher revels in murder
Say their names

It is time
Why are there enough of them to rhyme
No Justice No Peace
Take back the streets

Say their names

for the dVerse prompt of 6/4/20: Triplets (villanelle)
and for my Black Brothers and Sisters and their allies in the streets.
Lynching text is from Ida B. Wells.

4 thoughts on “8:46

  1. I like your line: “cool, calculating deliberation of intelligent people” It is amazing the depths that intelligent people can reach. I like how you began each tercet with a list of names.

  2. A trail of tears that is never allowed to dry. You’ve put your tercets together well. It is a modern manifesto. Will we ever understand institutionally endorsed madness?

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