Today it looks like a neighborhood
With tree-lined streets
Bordered by busy trunk roads
That keep the traffic away from the quiet homes
Back then it was a subdivision
Dull, new, unnamed
The trees like sticks casting no shade
On streets with no sidewalks.
Right across from the house,
Farmland still planted in wheat
The busy roads still blacktop for the farmers
Driving their tractors between the fields
As though they didn’t know
What was coming

Where I lived, #7: 208 Holmes Street Urbana, 15-17 years old (and summers til I was 19).
Posted for the dverse Open Link of 6/25/20 and for the dverse poetics link of 8/24/20: wheat

12 thoughts on “Holmes Street

  1. How this can change the community and lives of people there. I do like small towns, untouched by so many city buildings. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have such mixed feelings about the changes to my hometown. This formerly charmless neighborhood is now quite lovely, but the “downtown” area (where the uni is) was allowed to “grow” with the zeal of an unzoned suburban strip mall development. What was formerly a lovely midwestern campus town is now a safe space for frat bros. Horrifying.

    • And one of the really nice things is that across one busy road is a uni experimental farm and across the other is a state-run restored prairie so it’s still got that “edge of town” feel to it, and won’t be developed further.

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