1. Freshman year, Barb

Very late one fall night, Barb and I decided to redecorate
(the bathroom on the boys’ floor).
We walked to the cemetery
A bare block away
And dragged back large branches
And trash bags full of leaves
We dumped the leaves on the bathroom floor
And posted the branches in every toilet.
Then we smeared all the handles with Vaseline
Just for good measure.
I cannot believe we didn’t get caught.
The boys blamed the popular girls
And we never told a soul.

2. Sophomore year, Mary Pat

On a sunny May Day
Just as the sun was rising
Mary Pat and I snuck out of the dorm
And filled our bike baskets with flowers
Stolen, you would have to say,
From the horticulture greenhouses
And the nearby home of the university president.
Spread out on the floor of the lounge
We bundled them into posies
Each with a note.
An early riser stumbled past at one point.
We froze, but they never glanced our way.
We left the ribbon-tied blossoms at every door in the building
And never told a soul.

Where I lived #8: Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls, Urbana, 17-19

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