July 1
The rain stopped with June
We look to long sunny days
As the soil dries

July 2
The yellow lilies
Were in full bloom this morning
Glowing in the sun

July 3
Tight coneflower buds
I’m waiting by the window
For the golden bloom

July 4
The black eyed Susans
Like a fireworks display
But quieter

July 5
On the window sill
A vase of rudbeckia
Brings summer inside

July 6
Early morning sun
Glows through red neon cornsilks
Already too hot

July 7
Already 90
The wasps are seeking water
From empty rain barrels

Shared to Dverse OLN of 7/23/20. The other weeks (so far) Week two, week three, week four

19 thoughts on “31 Haiku for July: Week one

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  2. Lovely, lovely idea and carried off terrifically well – a great start tomy reading this morning. The last one especially brilliant.. Thanks for the read – it was a real treat.

  3. I enjoyed your senryu sequence, your week in July, Xan, especially the yellow lilies ‘glowing in the sun’ and the quiet firework display of black-eyed Susans. My daughter is growing rudbeckia in her garden – I’ll get to see them in a couple of weeks. 😊

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