Last time I went home
I walked along the old creek
That runs through the town’s north side
An odiferous joke when I lived there
It was restored after I moved away
No longer a polluted embarrassment
Hidden in culverts
Boneyard for the occasional unfortunate fish
That found its way into the turbid water
To discover that it flowed past German House
Now in a lovely, rush-rilled stream
Then the unknown explanation
For the leaking basement

Where I lived #11—German House, 21
About the Boneyard Creek
for the dverse prompt of 7/16/20: first person

10 thoughts on “German House

  1. yikes.

    i wonder at what was leaking out of the basement. it feels rather ominous.

    i am glad it got cleaned up, even if later.

    it made me think of some of those places we gave so much power to as kids. the haunted houses. or the caves with dragons. ha. where did their power go?

    • Worse, the kitchen was down there. That place was such a slum. It was the only place I ever lived that my mother hated.

  2. “Boneyard for the occasional unfortunate fish
    That found its way into the turbid water…”

    I love those two lines in the poem. That’s just… wow. It’s absolutely amazing in its gothic-like theme and the imagery it presents. I really enjoyed reading this poem, it expresses so much in memory and how things do change.

  3. we had a house we found out later was built on a creek stream, lots of flooding in the basement until we chiseled a hole in the floor and just had a sump going ALL spring and summer. Wonderful work with seting descriptors here,

  4. It feels like it was a secret nobody wanted to talk about. Once the toxins were flushed out it began to thrive and enjoy being noticed. Such a deep metaphor.

    • The community was way out ahead as well with mitigating an environmental concern, especially since most of the Boney runs through the Black community (or did before the university displaced them which, hmmm, probably had something to do with the mitigation). sigh.

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