Piggy Peggy and Sweaty Betty
Rented us a flat
They never really liked us but
We didn’t care about that
When we broke the lease they said
“you put a hole in the floor”
We were able to prove this wasn’t true
And got out of there before they knew
That what we’d actually broken
Was the door.

some context: the doorframe got broken when we moved in a huge library desk that didn’t really fit, so we had to remove the molding. The hole in the floor of the back porch was under their stuff, and I suspect that they had been using it to extort money out of tenants every time said tenants moved.

posted to the dverse Open Link of 8/6/20

19 thoughts on “Edgewater

  1. Nice…

    They were so busy trying to make u pay 💰 that they actually missed the actual money 💰 🤣

    I liked it

  2. Think you forgot to tag dVerse or put a link back to dVerse at the end so others can find us as well? It will also increase your readership. Could you do that please? Otherwise, harsh as it is, I will have to delete from Mr. Linky. Or perhaps I’m just missing the tag or link?
    I love that you posted….but we need a tag or link back to dVerse.
    Thanks in advance…..I’ll come back in a bit to make sure the adjustment is made.

  3. From alliterative and rhyme of the opening through to its cheeky schadenfreude of a close I just smiled. I could all but hear the “Pbbbt!” A delightful ditty.

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