By the month of August summer’s done
Bored with the heat and lengthy day
The spiderweb stretches across the walkway
In the hours before the morning sun

Groggy before I drink my coffee
I run into the sticky form
An unpleasant way to start the morn
Though I know it cannot hurt me

The plants in the farm are in a panic
As they sense the shortening of the day’s light
A riot of green and last-minute flowers
Stretching and reaching each stem and branch up

But summer is sly and the heat will again
Rise up before autumn is icumen in

Pinged to dverse Open Link Night of 8/20/20

15 thoughts on “Autumn is icumen in

  1. I love this Xan! I find spider webs so beautiful and love to see them glistening with frost on an autumn morning. They can be a surprise if you don’t see them and get tangled in them. I like the idea of the plants in the farm being in a panic at the shortening of the day’s light.

    • We’ve had fairly normal heat (high 80s which is typical) but it’s only rained an inch since June 28. Everything’s dying (I water the farm, but it’s costing an arm and a leg for the municipal water)

  2. I hate to think it’s the waning days of summer. The last 6 or 7 months have been some strange sort of limbo as if time were stuck and we all waited with baited breath for it to be over!

  3. Ah the end of August, where we in the northern hemisphere have had our fill of these canicular days. Alas, there is more heat to endure and we look forward to autumn.

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