Yellow strident late afternoon sun
Turns green as it enters the house
Through half-closed slatted blinds
Casting the rooms in gloaming
At once dim and bright

I know that in the golden sunlight
the passersby
See only their own reflections
In my picture-glass windows
But I close the blinds all the same
Just to be safe

Darkness turns the window
Inside out
The street a darkened theater
My rooms the movie screen

for the dverse Poetics prompt of 7/4/20: windows

16 thoughts on “Outside looking in

    • Thank you! I think a lot about windows (I should probably ping the other windows takes on here, there are a lot of them)

  1. A great take on the prompt for these difficult days. I like how the ‘dim and bright’ in the first stanza, becomes darkness by the the third. This so reminds me of my mother in her later years closing all the blinds in the house each afternoon – against undefined threats – ‘just to be safe’. Thank you.

  2. Creative and almost out of frame, an original perspective, Xan! I love that ‘Yellow strident late afternoon sun’ that turns green, the progression from half-closed to closed slats, the shifting of light and shadow, and the transformation of the street into ‘a darkened theater’ and the rooms a movie screen.

  3. You’ve captured the inside-looking-out versus outside-looking-in and your control by slatted blinds. Well done.

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