Sparrows are the spirits of the garden
They are unseen spectators
Laughing like clowns
Spoilt by their invisibility
As they spy from the dense shrubs
Or suddenly silent if you pass too close
And abandoning the stage in a huff
If you spook them.

for the dverse prompt of 8/18/20: clowns, and also an accidental quadrille

10 thoughts on “They’re laughing at you

  1. You’ve nailed those little buggers. The chickadees crack me up with the noises they make when they get surprised. Have your baby robin aviators flown the coop yet?

    • They did, but interestingly there’s a new family that’s attached itself to the front garden. However, I now have yellow finches back in the Farm. My son once said my garden was like a Disney movie with all the little bugs and birds and animals dancing around.

  2. Your clownish sparrows cheered me up, Xan, especially after reading Glenn’s poem! I love watching the sparrows in our garden and you’ve captured their playful spirits beautifully.

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