Holly is the rain
Heaven’s cover steady stormy
Gentle strong
Hope from the sky
Pulling forth the sprouts
With a joyous hound smiling, wet as she jumps
Running through lives
Mudmaker, leafmaker, lifegiver

June 2014 for Holly on her 60th birthday)

Chris is the sunshine that makes the shadows
Daring the rain
Laughing at the dirt
Dappling the edges of life
The filter that makes the beams
From behind the sunset
The light that greys the dawn
And forces back the night
Drawing from behind the low clouds
the streaming light

September 2020 For Chris on her 65th birthday

Xan is the deep black soil
Holding roots rain living things
Nurturer and shroud
Feeding crumbling flowing
Waiting for the sun
Welcoming the shadow
Wrapped around rocks, grass’s anchor
Ocean’s edge
As far from the night sky as dreams

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