Sometimes I wake up so early
That the coffee is gone by eight
And I judge the season
Not by the weather
But by whether the sun is late
By whether the darkness
Matches the clock
And I’ve wakened before the dawn
When the dew is still cold
Before the sun
Can pretend that the summer
Is still hanging on.

For Pam Kopack, from a prompt
Pinged for the dverse open link of 9/17/20

10 thoughts on “Is summer over

  1. This sis great Alexandra – I’ve been there too… And you capture the moment perfectly and so beautifully here… Thanks for that…

  2. The coffee reference is particularly effective (tho, to be honest, I usually have to fire up pot #2 around 7:00, so My Beloved Sandra has some, too.)

    And I’m fortunate to have a west-facing office, which allows me to view the sunset (earlier and earlier already).

    Fine work, Alexandra. Salute!

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