When I think of this house
In years to come
I won’t remember the rooms
Tucked up in a cozy rectangle
nor the gardens, their clever quilt squares
With flowers like tossed pillows
Around the outside.
I will remember the silence
Blanketing each evening

Tucked up in my old chair
Reading poetry
After a long cold walk
The house felt warm
When I first got back
Now it’s a little chilly
But I’m too cozy
Tucked up in my favorite old chair
To get up for a blanket

for the dverse quadrille prompt of 10/5/20: blanket
OctPoWriMo #5 (off prompt)

16 thoughts on “Comforter

  1. I love two quadrilles for the price of one, Xan! The first for its pondering about the future of a house, something I do about the house in which I’ve lived for twenty years now. I too love ‘the silence / Blanketing each evening’. The second for a similar reason – I also have a favourite chair! It also creates a comforting image, the thought that someone else, somewhere, does a similar thing in a similar chair. But I always have my blanket handy. 😊

  2. I suppose the silence in the first one could be taken as it being too silent and empty, but I chose to think of it as peaceful, and the second one sounds cozy. One of my favorite things to be tucked up in a chair, a blanket, and with a book.

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